How to Address Your Family that Disapproves of Your Interracial Relationship

interracial familiesWhen it comes to the relationship that you currently enjoying, there may be some in your family that have objections. While some objections may be grounded in reality, those that involve an interracial relationship may be the most difficult to address.

The good news is that interracial dating is far more accepted today, particularly in countries like the United States where race relations for the most part have improved over the past half-century. The plethora of interracial dating sites and general acceptance of relationships from people of different races have made many societies which include the US safe places to date someone with another skin color.

However, there are exceptions as it is possible depending on your family that some members might voice objections. So, here are some tips that will help you get through this difficult time with your family.

Age & Race

Generally speaking, older generations are more likely to carry some of the prejudices that lead to racially-based tension in the household. This means that grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and those who lived in a time of worse race relations are more likely to have viewpoints based on outdated ideas.

In this case, the first step is to remember that you are not trying to change someone’s mind since it was made up long before you were born. Instead, tell them why you are interested in the person and do not mention skin color as that is a flash point that might obscure your message. Do not think that after one or two explanations that your great-grandparents will suddenly be cool with your interracial relationship. But instead, try to keep the tension level as low as possible.

Speak from a Personal Point of View

Instead of trying to combat your family on interracial dating, talk to them from your view of why you are attracted to that particular person. Keep all of your comments focused on your feelings, your view, and your reasons for dating that person instead of lashing out at your family.

By engaging in a more personal way, you are lowering the tension in the room by not accusing others, but simply defending yourself. In this manner, you can keep the anxiety level as low as possible by not stooping to accusations even if they are valid. Calling a family member a racist does little but increase the hardness of their heart, so avoid that if at all possible.

Address their Concerns

In many cases, what seems like objections from family members about interracial dating comes from points of view that no longer exist. There was a time when an interracial relationship was actively discouraged not just by family members, but by society in general. In addition, many younger people that have racist feelings are generally brought about by false associations such as having a certain skin color means that they are more prone to crime.

Instead, address their specific concerns that let them know that such relationships today are accepted and even encouraged. Interracial dating sites are now more common than ever, so use this opportunity to educate them and hope for the best.

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