Top 20 US States for Interracial Dating

The trend of Interracial dating has picked up over the time. Nowadays people do not hesitate in dating people who belong to different racial background, instead, individuals have shown keen interest in interracial dating. In many states within the US, this is a common site.

Let us list down 20 US states for interracial dating:

  • 1) California- ranked as the numer one state, california houses myriads of individuals who firmly believe in interracial dating.
  • 2) Texas- Even though famous for the huge farms and barns, the people of texas do not let colour or race interfere with their decision of choosing a partner from a different race.
  • 3) New York- The city that never sleeps and is considered as the most happening city all around the globe has people who are ready to look beyond racial discriminations and agendas.
  • 4) Florida- Placed at the 4th spot, florida has grown over the years and people have happily accepted the inevitable.
  • 5) Georgia- Even though considered as one of the most conservative states of the US; still holds the 5th spot and comprises of numerous individuals interested in dating people from different races.
  • 6) North Carolina- Occupying the 6th place, north carolina is progressing at a steady pace.
  • 7) Illinois- The state of illinois proudly occupies the 7th rank in terms of interracial dating.
  • 8) Virginia- Although progressing, Virginia has seen considerable improvement over the years.
  • 9) Ohio- Resting at the 9th spot is our very own state of Ohio.
  • 10) Pennsylvania- Holding the middle spot out of the top 20, pennsylvania’s people are experiencing a steady change.
  • 11) Maryland- THe state of maryland occupies the 11th spot.
  • 12) New Jersey- Boasting a laid back lifestyle, interracial dating trend has picked up for good.
  • 13) Michigan- Although at a slow pace, things are looking up.
  • 14) Tennesee- Famous for the world’s finest whisky, tennessee is at numer 14.
  • 15) Alabama- The state of alabama holds the 15th spot.
  • 16) South carolina- Whereas it’s north coutnerpart holds the 6th, south carolina still has a long way to go.
  • 17) Louisiana- The state of Louisiana and it’s people are waking up to the concept.
  • 18) Missouri- at the 18th spot, interracial dating might experience prominence after a few years.
  • 19) Indiana- Occupying the second last spot, the state of Indiana has a long path to walk.
  • 20) Arizona- Lastly, arizona needs some time to get on track.

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