Top 10 Celebrity Interracial Couples In The World

Celebrity interracial couplesIt is said that marriages are made in heaven. When it comes to love, there are no barriers like race, color, religion or language. This was, not common a decade ago, but times have changed and people are increasingly accepting interracial couples. Celebrities are opening up on their interracial dating and this has greatly influenced the minds of people. Black white dating is no longer looked upon as a taboo, in fact, according to a recent study; people from all backgrounds are marrying one from a different race. Here is a list of celebrity interracial couples:

1. Ellen Pompeo- Chris Ivery

These two did not meet at any party; they came across at a grocery store and fell for each other. They knew they would make a great pair and got married. A beautiful girl baby was born to them, Stella Luna in the year 2009.

2. Kendra Wilkinson -Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson met Hank Baskett at Playboy mansion. The two admire each other and are more than happy with their baby boy that was born in 2009.

3. Taye Diggs – Idina Menzel

As stated earlier, love is blind and has no color. Taye Diggs married Idina Menzel and their family is more than happy for the interracial couple. They have a cute son, Walkter.

4. Paula Patton -Robin Thicke

The two started dating in high school. They have since been together and the industry and fans are highly admiring the gorgeous pair!

5. Robert DeNiro – Grace Hightower

The interracial couple have been through a rocky relationship but have come back strong and doing great. They got married in 1997 and had a son the next year. However they broke up in the year 1999 but came back to renew their vows in 2004. 2011 saw another addition to the family, a lovely and charming baby girl was born.

6. Halle Berry -Olivier Martinez

Halle comes from a mixed race family and is now engaged to Olivier Martinez. The two have been an excellent example for successful interracial dating.

7. David Bowie -Iman

Iman, a supermodel and David Bowie, a superstar got married in 1992 and have since then living together happily. Iman is Somalian while Bowie is from England. However nothing matters when it comes to love for this wonderful couple!

8. Alfre Woodward -Roderick Spencer

Actress Alfre Woodward married writer Roderick Spencer and are a happy interracial couple. They have two children, Duncan and Mavis. Mavis served as Miss Golden Globes in 2010.

9. Sidney Poitier -Joanna Shimkus

The two are a perfect example for happily married interracial couple. They are going together for 35 years now. They have two cute daughters, Sydney and Anika. You might probably know the movie about interracial dating where Poitier starred -“Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”?

10. Salma Hayek -Francois Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek is from Mexico while Francois is from France. The interracial couple looks their best together and is an ideal example of successful interracial relationship.

From so many successful interracial couples, Now, who said interracial marriages don’t work?

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